Brunswick Artillery

Flag-Holy-Roman-Empire150px-Braunschweiger_TotenkopfBrunswick Horse Artillery

The group has been formed to portray a gun team in the uniform of the Brunswick Horse artillery.


This is to allow the unit to take part in events on the British side as one of the German states that became loyal to King George in the fight against Napoleon.

In 1809 the Duke of Brunswick decided to fight his way across French occupied Germany to the north coast where his corps of troops were embarked to England. They were soon to take to a sunnier disposition and went to Spain to fight in the peninsular battles. They were largely destroyed over several years of battles and disease, returning to Germany on Napoleon’s abdication. When he escaped from Elba the Duke raised fresh troops and joined Wellington’s forces in Belgium. They took part in the battle of Quatre Bras where the Duke was killed in a cavalry charge. Several days later they equiped themselves well at Waterloo.