Waterloo 2010

The following pictures were taken during the 195th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo in Belgium. This was our first event as Brunswickers and we were working with our great friends the Dutch who supplied us with the cannon for the weekend. The Atkins (Dutch) Battery provided the cannon and an extra member of crew to bring us up to strength and we are greatly indebted to them for this gesture. We took part in the evening battle at Planceniot which is where the Prussians arrived on the battle in force during the late afternoon of the battle. On the following day between the Lion mound and La Haye Saint we took part with about 1500 re-enactors from all over the world in the re-creation of the battle which was fought on the ridge of St Mont Jean just outside the village of Waterloo.


waterlooparadeWe prepare for the memorial parade in the grounds of Hougamont.

 waterlooparadefeildThe parade was held on the Saturday morning. We are with the Atkins Battery


waterloounitpicThe evening battle at Planceniot where we show off the new uniform.


waterlooplanpreptofireDusk falls and with the smoke an eerie effect is created as we load.


waterlooplanreadytofirePrepare to fire.


waterlooplanlitfuseFIRE! The fuse is lit.


waterlooplanfiredOff she goes, reload.


waterloomoundSunday morning the battery lines up below the Lion mound.


waterloobattlefieldThe view the British had on the day of the battle as the French line up.


waterloobateryfireBattery fire. This shows our cannon firing.