Waterloo 2011

The following pictures were taken during the 196th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium. This was our second event as Brunswickers and we became more involved with the Brunswick Corps by camping with them in the enclosed garden at Hougamont. This proved to be an excelent weekend with lots of new friends made. We worked with the Atkins Battery (Dutch) as part of their battery as usual. Extra members of crew to bring us up to strength were provided by the Brunswick Hussars and we are greatly indebted to them for this gesture. We took part in the evening battle at Mont Saint Jean which is where the Duke of Wellington decided to fight Napoleon. On the following morning we took part in the battle at Pancenoit where the Prussians arrived on the battle field in force during the late afternoon.


crewinWoodsaWaterlooWaiting in the woods for the start of the battle with our new guests from the Hussars.


Battleofwaterloo2011This is a great photo of the battle with our sillouette on the right.


Dutchbatterywaterloo2011At the end of the battle various members of the battery pose for pictures.


planceniot2011groupThe following day at Plancenoit with a French crew on a German gun???


plancenoit2011readytofireJust on the outskirts of Plancenoit and ready to fire the cannon.