Waterloo 2013

The event this year was camping in the garden of Hougamont with a battle on the Saturday evening in a new location. On the Sunday we did a battlefield tour of the ridge.


We set the cannon up ready for some drill.


On parade and ready to try our hand at German drill.


Its tricky? time to get the manual out, shame that was in German too!!!!!


The evening comes and its time to do battle, we wait in the woods as the French had to come past us to get to the field!


They seem to have a lot of cavalry especially cuirassier’s?


The damp evening makes for a very Smokey effect as there is no wind to blow it away.


After the battle the French cavalry return but no sign of any British.


We start our tour at Hougamont where there are several memorials, this one is to all the French who fell on this site.


A French ambulance for the artillery, the French were much more advanced than any other army when it came to care for the wounded.


We go to the top of the Butte De Lion to survey the whole of the battlefield as it is an excellent viewpoint, we may need the ambulance after climbing these stairs.


This is what the view may have looked like two hundred years ago.