Duchess of Richmond’s Ball

This event was the start of the road to Waterloo 200 events and took place in the magnificent venue of Bury St Edmunds Athenaeum. It was to celebrate two hundred years since this famous ball took place just as Napoleon invaded Belgium.


The hall is set for dinner

The guests arrive and are announced.

10959607_10152782591015805_3877172792782310550_nEveryone was turned out in splendid fashion as this handsome couple

10959325_10152782830220805_340466604319934060_nWe sit down to dine with members of the unit and enjoy a three course meal.

1380443_10152782830335805_8450214196533845484_nWe had to endure the cavalry but to be fair they are very good company.

IMG_3493Sarah waits patiently for her next course.

10802058_10152782918790805_260614855813001579_nAfter the meal the guests prepare to dance the evening away.

1964949_10152785419585805_3506387464411886580_nThe dancers line up.

IMG_3516Away we go.

IMG_3510Everyone takes to the floor

10968527_10152782914990805_2018055592882161356_nI even have to do it!!!!!!

IMG_3509The ladies and guest.

IMG_3521The aftermath in the hotel bar.