Eton College Windsor Berkshire 2015

This event took place at the prestigious Eton Public school in Winsor and was a part of their Army Cadet Force gala day. The theme was the Battle of Waterloo to celebrate Wellingtons victory as he was educated at the school. Clearly a good budget was provided to provide a spectacular event for the parents.

044This is the Army Cadet building where we entertained by the ACF and provided with sleeping accomodation049The scene is created with both a Hougamont and La Haye Saint.

047This is for creating the storming of the Hougamonts North gate.

058Right then, time to train my team to move the gun, load, and fire safely. They did it so well we had to go slow to allow the British team to win.

 059Loading drill (gauntlets used when done for real)061Moving practice and sorting out the lifting technique, it took several attempts to get the bent legs and straight back perfected. (Not in this picture obviously)

065Myself and Al Sime provide the support and are with the team throughout the event including the actual performance to ensure the crew stick to the training and do not get to excited by the occasion.

067The British infantry arrive all kitted out by a historical theatre firm. However they were using modern drill but I doubt the audience thought about that?

IMG_2285The two teams before the performance, British and French.