Female roles


Female Roles in the unit.

This page has been designed to show the roles that can be played by females
wishing to take part in re enactment events. There are occasions when event
organisers state that the practice of  females in male roles can not be
accommodated due to inaccurate historical portrayal. The roles are varied and
can be developed to ensure members can still enjoy the living history aspect of
the hobby if not allowed to portray a male role at an event.


cantinerefiring The Cantiniere was a registered Sutler and Nurse on the battlefield.
They carried weapons for self protection and obtaining game to sell.



 Musicians played any type of whistle or fife in the camp and drums on the march.


SutlerscartnewsteadResearch led to the intoduction of a cart for the Caniiniere.


jencookingAnother favourite unit meal is prepared.


JenasnunThe Nursing Nun.


ladywritingThe great pastimes of the ladies – sewing and writing.


ladyjenLots of opportunity to wear those magnificent outfits.


emileWe even have young ladies in the making (alledgedly)


celiaasartillerymanFor those that would rather play with a gun.


ladysarahFor those that would rather not!!!!!!!!!


campfolowerThe camp followers repair uniforms to earn a few francs.


ladychrisYou get the chance to be the lady of the manor for a few hours.