Fort Nelson 2010

Thi event took place on the hills that surround the harbour of Portsmouth. The event was held at the Royal Armouries of Fort Nelson. This fort was one of the Palmerston forts designed to protect the harbour from a landward attack, however the fort was never used in anger until the second world war when anti-aircraft defences were put in place. This event was for infantry and artillery and we took part in both a firing compertition and skirmish in the afternoon. The highlight of this event was being able to fire the forts 6lb cannon. It was captured at Waterloo and placed outside Aspley House until the 1950’s. It has been renovated and my French colleague was able to fire it during the skirmish, possibly making him the first Frenchman to fire the gun since Waterloo.

 fortnelsongun10The restored 6lb Napoleonic cannon with a 3eme crew.

 fortnelsonromainrammingThe premier servant clears the gun with the worm.

 FortnelsonmickspongingThen the sponge is placed in the barrel to dampen any embers left from the previous round.