Woolaton Park Nottingham 2015

This event was combined with the Battle of Nations and the last big gathering before we all head off for the big one at Waterloo. This was probably the biggest Napoleonic event in this country for many years. We have a very nice camp on top of the hill by the house.

10407889_10153344372557835_5888379318441978470_nThe sun shines and the camp is ready to go.

IMG_3713At the bottom of the hill is the rather large British camp.

885756_462137020617709_3337050761006959182_oNapoleon gives a stirring speech to the public to try and raise more troops.

11009186_1071048402922723_4180654514296296154_oHe stands at the head of his newly formed army.

11169617_462136260617785_1454444433154472543_oHe deploys his troops who are eager to join battle with the British.

11140744_1042047039146276_7884194533802133755_oWell!!! clearly not all of them are riddled with fear and anticipation of the battle ahead!!!!!

¬†887589_1073631672664396_939613668026468859_oWell that’s a stroke of luck as we position our gun on top of the steep hill.


11060885_1073635655997331_8900362112059275452_oAttention!! Ready to fire.



IMG_3740Better bang!!

IMG_3731Another bang.

20114_10153344375547835_929908659420370903_nThe Brits line up as we have the honour of escorting the Emperor to take part in the parade.


IMG_3725After the battle we have a nice cup of tea.

11194409_462136900617721_8251471658745094814_oAnd because we are French a nice glass of wine.

IMG_3729The public come to see us with their parrot!!!!!