Misc Events

We started the year with the winter party at the Chequers Hotel, Newbury, members of the unit bringing out their finery for the event. After several training events and the May bank holiday shows we moved into the Battle Prom season. These events are ideal for those people who like to pose about showing off their smartest uniform or dress. They involve providing a small living history and a picnic. Then the event is a programme of clasical music with a military theme. The 1812 Overture with 100 cannons and fireworks is always spectacular and we get to fire to the music during the Battle Symphony. We attended Burghley and Althrop this year. Finally our last event of the season was at Ickworth House near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Lots of promenading in the grounds and a campaign style event for the re-enactors which invluded a night firing     skirmish which was great fun.


2009misc Winter party in January at Newbury, Oxfordshire.


BurghleyBPBurghley House near Stamford, Battle Prom in July.


Althorp09A picnic at Althrop, Northampton. Battle Prom, Augest.


Ickworth09meRomThe uniform has really come on since we started in 2008.


ickworthgardenWalking in the gardens of Ickworth House, Bury St Edmunds in September.