Ickworth House 2013

This event was a two day training event at Ickworth House, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. This was out third event at this National Trust stately home. The house is situated in an extensive park and has a large garden. This event was held in the grounds next to the house and it was testing because it was warm during the day, but -5 at night, but we survived! It was our first event of the season and included drill, living history, filming, an evening skirmish and a battle on the Sunday afternoon.


ickworth2013woodchopingWell, here is the evidence I do saw wood for the fire!!!


ickworth2013latestrecruitsAll kitted out are the latest recruits to the unit.


ickwoorth2013skirmishAfter some filming we have a private skirmish in the grounds.


ickworth2013minusfiveA testing time as it drops to minus five over night.


ickworth2013groupA roll call to make sure all are accounted for after the cold night.


ickworth2013trainingrecruitsTime to test out a few new recruits, but a bit more hight is required!


ickworth2013battleSunday afternoon in the sun.


ickworth2013leavingthefieldSomebody said it was time for a beer so a quick retreat from the field.


icworth2013returnfrombattleWell, that didn’t last long!!