Languard Fort 2013


This event was a two day event at the start of the season at Languard Fort, Felixstowe, Suffolk. We slept in the rooms at the fort and it is a very atmospheric place and spooky at night! The fort is situated at the entrance to the river Orwell. It was our second event of the season and included drill, living history and two firing displays/skirmishes. We joined the 1st/95 Rifles in the tavernwhich they created for the event, with music by Riotous Assembly.


languard2013marchtoprisonThe Rifles march the prisoners of war to a temporary goal.


languard2013starvinginprisonThe poor French slodiers starving in the lockup.


languard2013breakoutThe French manage to break out and access the armoury.


languard2013fightThe Rifles break out the guard.


languard2013deathOh dear, we lost!


languard2013nunThe Sister of Charity surveys the scene.


languard2013rampartsOn the ramparts of the fort.


languard2013firingrampartsOn guard – take up your positions!