Playford & Norwich Ball 2013

The following pictures are taken from the Little Downham near Ely, Cambs. Playford Ball. The ball is in its fifth year and is well attended by dancers from all over East Anglia. An excellent evening of good dancing, great food and fine friends are to be found in the village hall. The event is organised by the Fendango & Saraband group.

The last two pictures are from the Norfolk Ball, held at Wolsterton Hall near Aylsham, Norfolk. A great venue for dancing.


playford2013andyandcathTime for a chat before the dancing commences.


playford2013sarjamA smart turnout is required by the dancers.


playford2013paetesarThe dancing begins.


playford2013sarlamdanceAll the dances are based on the Playford style.


norwichball2013The Ball at Wolsterton Hall.


norwichball2013stairsOne has to take to the fine stairs and pretend to be the owner.