The Battle of the Nations 2013

This event was a two day event held for the second time in the small village of Hutton Court in Kent. We had good weather for this one and sunshine so it was too hot at times, althought a bit chilly at night, there’s no pleasing re-enactors! The event included drill, living history, a skirmish and some traders. It was a charity event to raise money for Help the Heros.


bon2013napoleonWe are graced by the presence of Napoleon.


bon2013groupThe group are prepaired and ready for the weekend.


bon2013demoWe take part in the Artillery demonstration.


bon2013laughWe find time for a laugh as we do it !


bon2013firingredoubtThe british approach in numbers and we are out numbered again.


bon2013redoubtWe are in a strongly defended position in a rodoubt.


bon2013fireAfter a days work a few beer around the camp fire.


bon2013returnOn a hot Sunday we return from the demonstration.


bon2013brunsI went for an ice cream to find we had visitors in the camp – our friends from Brunswick.