Broadlands 2011

This event was a two day event held at Broadlands, Hampshire on the 22nd & 23rd of September. This was a multi-period event held in the grounds of the house and was run by Event Plan. We provided living history and a small skirmish each day. We also took part in Firing Through the Ages. This was a great event on the Saturday and we had a really good night in the beer tent with the WW2 group and their singer. Sunday was a washout and the event was cancelled before lunch.


broadlands2012crewThe crew minus our cross dresser who was changing, having prepaired lunch.


broadlands2012pullcanteamOff we go for the last time this season.


brodlands2012pullcandomromUsing ropes to pull the cannon forward.


broadlans2012fireA cracking shot, both cannon and photographer. Thats why you get fined a crate of beer for standing in front of the cannon!


broadlans2012earsHey, did you see where that went???


broadlands2012firingPreperations for a Firing Through the Ages demonstration.