Chatteris Historical Fair 2011

This event took place in the Fenland town of Chatteris in Cambridgeshire. This has become an annual event, growing in size each year. This was for Infantry and Artillery and we took part with the 1st 95th Rifles whom we shared two demonstrations with. The highlight of this event was the Friday when we gave talks to classes from local schools using our living history, adding another dimension to our display.


ChatterisSarahTalkThe Cantinere talks through her wares and how they were used.


ChatterisJamestalkThe soldier explains what equipment he has and how he uses it.

 ChatterisdemotalkWith the aid of a modern microphone the firing process is explained.

 ChatterisgunfiresThe cannon fires with a bang, leaving smoke trails.

 ChatterisriflesThe Rifles wait patiently before their demo.

 ChatterisjenTime to relax on a warm summers day painting.