Bastille Day 2012

This event was a one day event held at Soham Village College, Cambridgeshire, on the 16th July. The purpose was to help the children understand the French Revolution by celebrating Bastille Day. We had an hour with each class in year 7, split into 10 minute slots for each group. Below are a selection of photos of the talks, which again turned into a rain hit event.


svc2012talkTrue to form this year it rained!! We made the best use of some gazebos and a tree.


svc2012campThe Nunn and the Revolutinary Soldier listen to the talks.


svc2012canThe cannon gets a soaking as it waits its turn to fire in the afternoon.


svcshelter2012A soldier’s shelter tent.


svcbbqAfter the talks we came home for a B.B.Q. and a few beers were consumed to celebrate the occassion!