Battle of the Nations 2012

This event was a two day event held for the first time in a small village of Hutton Court in Kent. We were representing the 3eme Artillerie but had guests in the form of the Brunswickers from Germany. We had good weather for this one and sunshine, so it was hot at times, there is no pleasing re-enactors! The event included drill, living history, a skirmish with all arms represented and some traders.


bonnapwithdunc2012Napoleon makes plans with the Brigade Commander for the battle ahead.


bonnapoleon2012Napoleon in reflective mood.


bonguncrew2102The crew for the weekend.


bonbattlebreifing2012With our Brunswick escort we prepair fot the first days battle.


bondanielAfter the battle a little nap is required, this is a theme in all the armies.

bonnappresentcoloursThe second day and the Westphalians receive their colours from Napoleon.


bonprepforbattle2012The cannon is ready for action and prepaired for battle.


bon2012naptroopsNapoleon exhorts his troops into action.

bon2012alanOh dear, we lost and the gun Captain meets a sticky end!


bon2012mickdomAfter its all over we come back to life and discuss the weekends efforts.