Chalke Valley 2012

The Festival of History held at Chalke Valley was another new experience. This was a multi-period event involving all periods and about 200 re-enactors. We took part in the afternoon skirmish on both days but this was mainly about living history and bringing to life the history books being promoted at the festival. It was held in the beautiful surroundings of the Chalke Valley, which is a protected area. The weather was reasonable for a change with no rain, but it was chilly for June.


chalkvshow2012The festival is very much about historians selling books and giving lectures.


chalkvintent2012It was windy and chilly so we set up in the tent for a drink.


chalkvcatinere2012The Cantinere sets up her stall but trade was light as most people stayed in the marques.


chalkv201262prepThe 62eme prepair for a demonstration.