Glyne Park 2012

This event took place at Glyne Park, Lewe, Sussex on the 25th August. It was a multi-period event involving all periods and between 800 to 1000 re-enactors. We took part in the afternoon battle on both days and introduced some new members while others were on holiday. The event was organised by the Sealed Knot and we were invited as guests.


glynde2012fatiguesFirst job at an event is to find some wood, so off you go!!!


glyne2012teamFirst day and new members on parade.


glynde2012paradeWe also have a visitor from Brunswick who may be a spy? Who is it?


glynde2012drillHowever time is pressing and drill is required to learn the ropes.


glyne2012offtobattleAll trained and off we go to the battlefield.


glyne2012batFuse is lit for the first shot of the event.


glyne2012nearmisSomeone is firing back, as we have a near miss.


glyne2012jocksOh dear, it looks like the Scots have over run us and killed my new crew!!


glyne2012battlemickI think the guy behind the coffre is still alive??