Oxford 2012

This was a one day event during the Oxford Music Festival. this was our first specific event to support a concert orchestra. The Festival concerts were held each night with a different theme, i.e. Jazz etc. This was a classiacal concert and we were to fire to the 1812 Overture. The event went well but the weather was atrocious with heavy rain all evening, but everyone stuck it out. When we came to fir, well you have heard the phrase “keep your powder dry”? well only just!!! Some of the photos didn’t come out too well but I thought you may like to see just how determined we were to deliver.


tomquadteam2012Two cannons were used, ours and the Royal Horse Artillery.


tomquadconcertThe afternoon was dry and the scene was set.


tomquadnickal2012The rain came down before the start but we kept dry.


tomquadmick2012It was a long 12 hour day for five minutes firing.


tomquadhaltime2012Half time break, still raining but the audience were great.


tomquadaudience2012It rained and rained, while we struggled to keep the cannon dry.


tomquadmarching2012We were on, marching up the aisle to man the guns.


tomquad3emeireIt took ages to light the fuse, but she fired!


tomquad20123emefiringThen we had to be quick, but safe, to get the next round off.


tomquad3emeTrying to keep the fuse dry was an absolute nightmare, but we did it!


tomquadfinish2012At the end rapturous applause.