Ragley Hall Battle Prom 2012


We had our first outing at this event which was a one day event held at Ragley Hall, Worcestershire, on the 18th August. This event takes place in the grounds of the house with an orchestra playing military music from the Napoleonic period. The music is enhanced by the cannons, infantry fire and fireworks during the 1812 Overture and Wellingtons Victory March.


ragbp2012mimpiperOut visitor with the Prom Piper who raised money for charity.


rag2012mimjohnThen she meets Johnny Depp of all people???


ragbp2012mickattenA photogropher wants a few photos which are very nicely done.


ragbp2012firingmickThis is taken in the field yet loks like a studio was used.


ragbp2012mickbayonetI meet a sticky end at the hands of the 44th East Essex.


rag2012deathlaughBut as you can see it was all in the name of fun.


rag2012lonefrenchPatiently we wait to open the prom with a volley of musket fire.