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We regularly get asked questions by those people who would like to give re enacting a go, so here are a few questions and answers.

Q – What do I need to join?
A – To join the regiment you only need a few attributes but they are very important ones. You need to be able to make a commitment and keep to it, you need an interest in history, you need to keep smiling when the weather and plan fall apart, and it helps if you like a drink.


Q –  But it must cost money?
A –  Of course it does, but to see if you like re enactment, we will find some kit to give to you to try the hobby out. If you like it then buy the basics and you can get the nice touches later.


Q –  How much will the basics cost?
A –  OK Black plain footwear, a pair of breeches £40, a pair of gaiters £40, shirt £15, stock £2.50, forage cap £30. Then when you can afford it the Habe’ is the most expensive at £125. Below are some pictures of us in full kit. This is comparable with similar hobbies ie golf, hill walking, riding, you get the basics and build it up. (Costs of materials can vary and effect the price)

mickuniformrear                                              romainuniformrear  uniformfrontQ –  Where will I sleep?
A –  Where you like, you can stay in a 5 star hotel and turn up at the beginning of each event or at the other end of the scale we have a big tent with separate compartments. There are plenty of options in between. Most people prefer to live in camp which means you need to buy a tent (approx £150 to £300 depending on the style) but not until you are happy its for you.


Q –  What about the Brunswick kit?
A –  We only use the Brunswick kit to take part in events where we participate as allies. This is normally abroad but sometimes we promenade as Brunswick in England, to take part in events abroad you will need the kit, but the basics kit rule applies and the kit is cheaper. We would expect French uniform first followed by Brunswick.


Q –  Do I have to speak French?
A –  No but you will learn the drills and orders in French and as we have a French family in the unit if you want to improve your linguistic skills here is an opportunity.


Q –  My history is poor does this matter?
A –  Not initially, the Napoleonic Association has a research section and there are many members with lots of knowledge on various subjects to help you find your way. We do this hobby to learn and I like people to interact with the public with some degree of knowledge. You will get much more out of the hobby if you can talk with confidence and it is rewarding to see someone enjoy the effort we put into it, and walk away knowing something about the period.


Q –  Finally how many events do I need to attend?
A –  As many or as few as you like, but if you say you are coming I do expect (bar something serious of course) to see you.

When is your first event then??????

A la Sainte Barbe, vive la Bombarde