Ligny social activities

Over the weekend of the 12th of June we prepared our camp and practised our drill. However there was plenty of opportunity to look round the village and meet old friends. The villagers were very friendly and there were lots of food and beer stalls with a couple of bars that were very hospitable.

IMG_3788 - CopyFirst time I have seen horse and carts collecting wood.

IMG_3923 - CopyNot to be outdone this group bring a wagon.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 056We wander around the camp meeting old friends and sharing beer.

IMG_3848 - CopyEven smoking their cigars!!!!

IMG_3791 - CopyWhen its time to go to bed.

IMG_3841 - Copy

We had plenty of opportunity to see around the village and here is the scene of intense fighting where many people died as the French tried to capture the farmhouse.

IMG_3839 - CopyNow it was the focal point for the food and drink market where all the re enactors from many different countries came together to socialise. Here we sample the local beer.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 049 - CopyAnd food

IMG_3835 - CopyGenerally have a great time.

IMG_3809 - CopyThere was a great little museum with several military vehicles of the day.

Our unit would have had at least one of these.

IMG_3808 - CopyAmbulance’s were in use on the French side.

IMG_3805 - CopyNo we can not take it home.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 101Plenty of time for a pipe

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 019 - CopyOr a glass of wine.

IMG_3846 - CopyOr a beer

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 051Or two.

IMG_3896 - CopyThe local population also provided a wonderful light show using the side of the church which was also subject to severe fighting.

IMG_3893 - CopyIt was very spectacular.