Ligny the Battle 200 years later.

On the Sunday the commemorations were brought to a conclusion with the finale being a reconstruction of the battle. It was not on the scale of the Waterloo re enactment the following week but never the less it was an honour to take part in it.IMG_3849We are ready battle and leave for the battlefield.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 065We parade through the village and then have to wait for the French.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 068Napoleon gets priority of course.

IMG_3888The French artillery have it easy compared to our group.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 078Its along drag up the hill!!! Time for a rest.

IMG_3853Lots of public gather.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 099In position at last.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 090Time for a rest.

IMG_3875In fact time for a drink and lunch.

IMG_3857The Light troops deploy.

IMG_3851The French troops deploy

IMG_3862Followed by their cavalry.

IMG_3850There seems to be a lot of them!!!

IMG_3870Ahh! Slightly outnumbered.

IMG_3859We are ready for battle and on the right of the line.

IMG_3863The barrage commences.

IMG_3872Umm ! That did not work then they are still coming.

IMG_3883Umm!! time to withdraw I think.IMG_3879

One last try to stop them.

IMG_3885Then the cavalry charge and its all over.

IMG_3890Back to camp after a beer from a Belgian Guy who thought we needed a drink, (he was so right)

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 100To very hot people, we had great weather just to make it better.