Ligny the Preparation.

This section has been created to show the few days leading up to the battle for Ligny. This battle took place between the Prussians and French. The village was the battlefield along with surrounding areas and was the last victory for Napoleon.

IMG_3776First job was to get across the channel which was achieved without any hassle.

IMG_3778Everyone was in good spirits but with 11 days of living together in tents would the friendship survive?

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 001In the café for our first take away food and meal of many.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 131Unpack and chill in the evening sun.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 128The camp takes shape to our left.

IMG_3784Shako’s arrive by the van full.

IMG_3780In the morning and more and more re enactors arrive.

IMG_3779Lots of activity as people set up.