Quatre Bras and Napoleons HQ

The following pages are our last day at Ligny when we went to look at the battlefield of Quatre Bras which took place at the same time as Ligny but was a French versus Allied army affair.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 118This poor building is another defensive positon used by the Allied army along with other farms further down the road. It appears to have no prospect of being restored. It is situated on the Quatre Bras crossroads.

Waterloo & Lingy 2015 115From here we look towards another farm house and beyond that to the Duke of Brunswick memorial. There was a wood to the right which was cleared of French Skirmishers by the Brunswickers. To the left was the field where the main French attack which included the Cuirassier’s charge against the Scots took place.

IMG_3907One of several memorials to the troops who held the crossroads mainly Dutch and Belgian. This is a new one to commemorate all the troops who took part.

IMG_3908Part of the inscription.

IMG_3904This memorial is to the Dutch cavalry.

IMG_3902This is the Belgian cavalry memorial.

IMG_3909Of course the Duke of Brunswick was killed here and this is his memorial.

IMG_3911Napoleons camp bed at his HQ Le Caillou which is now a museum.

IMG_3913The night before Waterloo with Napoleon and Ney discussing the way forward.

IMG_3912Statues of Napoleon.

IMG_3915Instructions on making a musket cartridge.

IMG_3920The sun sets on Ligny

IMG_3900After a last visit to the village bar we have a final photo with one of Napoleons cannons.