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The 3eme Regiment D’ Artillerie à Pied de la Ligne are an established group portraying a French artilleryregiment during the Napoleonic wars. The unit has a replica 4lb cannon and it is intended to recruit to a complement of  a crew and up to six skirmishers to protect the cannon on the battle field. The uniform is  a campaign standard to portray how a cannon crew  actually looked on the battlefield rather than the parade ground.

For those people who like to promenade we attend Battle Proms and Social events which require either Gentleman’s or Ladies outfits or a Parade ground standard of uniform.

We have developed our  living history to enhance our contribution to an event during the day and this will allow us to attend events where Cannons are not invited (sometimes occurs due to cost). We have  spent the last year perfecting camp cooking, so we have an extensive menu for events

New members, will be expected to provide their own uniform, tents and equipment, however we encourage a couple of trial events and have a small amount of regimental kit to lend to new members who wish to try the hobby before spending any money. Arrangements can be made for camping as most events have a modern camping area.

All recruits must be able to obtain a black powder license, and become Members of the Napoleonic Association. To ensure the safe operation of artillery in re-enactment you will have to pass an accreditation to demonstrate your competence to take part in events. If you wish to use a musket you will also need a shotgun license and training will also be given in its safe use.

We have developed a Brunswick uniform to allow us to take part in events on the British side as Brunswick Horse Artillery, especially abroad. This will be the unit we will be portraying at the Waterloo 200 bi-centennial.

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Unit commander Mick Smith